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Rings represent one of the most personal of all artforms, its intimate connection with the human being is inescapable. Rings are ment to be worn, weather as a sign of wealth, a symbol of honour, the mark of ritual experience, or for pageantry. Rings are a decorative embellishment that relates to fashion, it also forms a visual connection between the wearer and the artist that establishes an intellectual identity.

" Rings. Rings. Rings. " is the name of our upcoming spring exhibit. 20 goldsmiths will present variations on an age old theme: the finger ring, arguably humankind's oldest and most symbollically fraught genre of jewelry - from traditional goldsmith's work to highly experimental objects - the spectrum will encompass some 500 items.

The pleasure of precious material is as strong as ever. Clear shapes and generous proportions characterize this exibit's composition, as does the contrast between gold or silver and luminous stones or pearls.

Joyful experimentation and wide ranging inspiration are evident in the latest artworks by some younger designers, too. Unconventional materials and a subjective view of their themes make these people into true explorers, venturing between existing genres and into the no man's land that seperates the so-called 'fine' and 'applied' arts.

Come visit our gallery when you are in Hamburg. ( Link Text )

Beate Brinkmann* Sofia Daniilidou* Thomas Vietzke* Ute Decker* Quintin Nel*
Sabine Müller* Bettina Dittlmann* Michael Junk* Gitta Pielke* Ramon Puig Cuyás*
Sam Tho Duong* Lutz A.Quambusch* Dorothea Förster* Nikolay Sardomov* Tanja Friedrichs* Peter Schmid* Angela Hübel* Barbara Schulte Hengesbach* Wolfgang Jordan* Erich Zimmermann*