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Julia Reymann

Spotlight on the artist...

Julia Reymann always starts making her designs by using wire made of precious metal. She constructs a 'framework' from these wires to create her stunningly beautiful light brooches, earrings and pendants.

Onto this framework made from wire she then pins Japanese paper which has been soaked in water. During the drying process the material will find its final position - rigid and lasting. The fleece of fine threads will turn into a delicate, seemingly random structure.

The paper, enveloping the shape of the metal, then extends over an area, fills spaces and creates volume. The lack of structure ends up giving the impression of an object in which the material in its versatility takes on an important role.

Julia Reymann choses colours which to her reflect the different seasons: in summer she uses light, transparent colours whereas during the cooler months she favours deep reds and shades of pink or even deep black.

Rings are being wound into small living wreaths, lightened up through small pearls or peas. These she dips in silver thereby intensifying the contrast of the structures. The round elevations get polished as they are being worn and sparkle like small precious stones out of the net structure of the silvering.

Julia Reymann, who was born in 1979 in Bremen, Germany, studied metal design at the HAWK - Academy of Applied Arts - in Hildesheim, Germany. After a term abroad studying at the Camberwell College of Art in London, she won first prize at the competition of form and reproduction/modular systems of the Muenchow Gbr in Berlin in 2003. Since 2004 she works as an independent jewellery designer in Berlin.

For Julia, experimenting with combinations of two disctinctly dissimilar materials, became the starting point for various small series of jewelery pieces she developed.

To her the paper she uses symbolizes transience and volume, while silver stands for longevity and form, thus complementing each other's apecific characteristics and possibilities.