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Hilde Leiss

" Hilde Leiss is considered an institution in her own right or better yet, a godsend. It is her proven sense of quality and her ability to detect innovative trends within the arts & crafts scene which has endeared her to many of her customers and friends, who over the years had their personal level of curiosity raised through Hilde's guidance.

Normalcy and the ordinary often prevail elsewhere - but raising a customer's sensibilities and awareness for the truly different and then in the process possibly change an individual's viewing patterns - that is Hilde's declared mission. "

( Schnuppe von Gwinner, Gallerist & Journalist, Hamburg )

" Hilde's Jewelery: Power. Pride. Poetry. It's very similar to Laughton's belly in a song by Brecht: ' one doesn't hide it as if it were stolen goods, as if the police were searching for it; one wears it proudly - like a poem'."

( Barbara Nüsse, Actress )